Applying flea bomb

Flea invasion is not an expected scenario for any house. This tiny insects are very dangerous for you and your pet animal. Flea foggers are effective in preventing heavy infestation. But foggers or flea bombs contain many chemicals that are very harmful for human and pet and particularly for kids.

Flea foggers generally comprise of Cypermethrin, Nylar, Permethrin, Methroprene, Tetramethrin. They leave harmful chemical residues. So, it is very important to take some steps to clean the house properly after using fogger or flea bomb. This piece of writing is on the subject of explain to you about what to do afterwards a successful flea treatment.


After an efficacious Flea Bombing:

  • After bombing depart the place for a minimum of 8 hours and make sure that no one reenters the treatment place within this time.
  • When you re-enter, the first job is to ventilate. Let the toxic air out of house.
  • Open all the windows and doors of the residence. Then turn on the fans in order to make the air go out.
  • Thoroughly clean the house. Vacuum the entire living area very well. Gloves must be worn out for the onslaught.
  • Mop the floor using a good floor cleaner.
  • Generally, the chemical residues seat tight on carpets, doormats, furniture, curtains. Take good care of vacuuming this places very cautiously in order to confiscate eggs plus deceased fleas.
  • Every day vacuuming is suggested for at least 10 days after the treatment. This is to safeguard that every recently hatched bedbugs are destroyed of.
  • Following a fruitful flea treatment you may require to wash the curtains, blankets, beddings, covers as well as the stuffed animals (if you own any). Wash every textiles which have been come in touch with the flea bombs.
  • In case you have a kid in the family, please give extra attention to wash everything which you baby may touch or play with or even put in mouth.
  • Pack away all cookery beforehand flea bombing. And after treatment wash them too. Make sure to rinse the tabletops, oven as well as all other kitchen applications.
  • If any edible stuffs for example fruit, packets of cereal got deserted on the kitchen top accidently, don.t eat them. Just throw them at the garbage container.
  • Your yard needs to be cleaned as well after application. Clean properly the dispose of eggs and dead insects.
  • Wash away your cat’s bedclothes, over-blankets, toys or any other belongings.


Flea fogger and bombs are not for solving minor flea invasion. But flea bombs pretty effective in eradicating fleas from a place. These stuffs should only be applied when the situation is beyond your control. Their toxic reissues can be deleterious for you and your family members. So, be cautious before using them.

And when you applied them before re-entering vacuum the house well and make certain that the no residue is left behind. And enter the house again only when you are sure that the house is safe.

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