Types of Granite Sealers

Now-a-days granite countertops are something seen in almost every resident. They are lovely as well as strong. These countertops will survive years if they are taken care of correctly. Granite is a plutonic rock. It is consist of no less than 20% quartz plus 65% alkali feldspar. Closing granite is suggested to cover for mark resistance as well as for upkeep. Since granite is permeable, you must seal them. This is to keeping them from deterioration and maintaining their attractiveness for years.

It is however, supposed that elegant material is challenging to maintain. They must be sealed.  Spill outs may enter into the inside of the stone and trigger harm. It can even instigate an everlasting mark awfully fast.  As a result this extremely vital to use the best granite sealer. The sealer generates a block that stops dampness.

In this article we will discuss the varieties of granite sealers.

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Types of granite sealers

Granite sealers are commonly categorized into two main categories. They are penetrating and topical sealers. They can be water- or else solvent-based sealer. Both of the types are eligible for used on a multiplicity of tile as well as stone surfaces. The surfaces where these two types of sealers can be used are granite, limestone, porcelain tile, brick, grouts, sandstone, clay tile, concrete pavers, cement-based, marble, onyx, quarry tile, travertine also more.

Penetrating sealers:

Penetrating granite sealers causes no change to the surface. The save the natural look of stone while drying. However, several penetrating coating are correspondingly color-increasing sealers.

These sealers pierce and infuse the surface. No change in the surface is caused by this type. Instead of creating a layer, these sealers saturate. Consequently they will certainly not hull or deteriorate. Besides they never alter the constant of resistance after use. They usually offer two stages of shield –premium and standard.

Standard protection: this sealers offer protection from mark resulting from spills of beverages, and dirt. Since these granite sealers infrequently offer any defense from oil-based pollutants. They might be unsuitable for applying in a domestic kitchen or else moneymaking food service zone. These sealers are typically economic.  But they offer high-performance.


Premium protection:

They offer first class defense along with high performance.  They also provide protection from oil-based chemicals.

Topical coatings: Topical sealers modify the exterior appearance. They change the viewpoint of light reflection on the working surface. High-gloss in addition to Low-sheen surfaces are common varieties existing in the marketplace.

These sealers rest on the exterior of the stone. They create a glossy appearance. This type is occasionally called as “sacrificial” layers. They sooner or later fade with everyday usage.  This type need reapplication repeatedly compared to the penetrating type. Also, this type requires multiple coating in order to sufficiently shield a surface.

Apart from the above mentioned two types, there is another type of granite sealer available.

Enhancing sealers:

They are named so as they increase the ordinary colors. Enhancing sealers get deeper. Also they save the hint of normal stone. They make the granite look extra lively. Also they do not create any sort of gloss. A number of enhancers come with exceptional protection.  And several of them offer endurance to oil-based chemicals.


Under the following types, many brands are producing best granite sealers. A wide range of sealers are currently thriving in the market.

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