Best Strollers for Baby

Choosing the right stroller for your baby can be complicated. Your little bundle will spend a lot of time in the stroller and it is important for you to find one that will make them comfortable but also one that will keep them safe. And you need to consider all of these factors while taking your potential needs and uses into account. Not an easy decision.


To help you pick what’s right for you, we’ve narrowed down 5 types of strollers and the safety and comfort options they offer your baby.


For active parents, joggers are worth considering. These strollers have three wheels, large tires, hand and foot brakes, and an extended handlebar making them perfect for jogging with your baby. Look for one that has a front wheel that swivels to provide the most maneuverability on a flat surface, or a fixed front wheel if you’re looking to go for long runs or on rough terrain. These strollers come with a tether strap so the stroller doesn’t get away from you if you lose your grip. The larger tires provide a smooth comfortable ride for your wee one no matter the surface you’re on.

Traditional Strollers

Traditional strollers are strong, safe, solid options. These strollers are heavy and durable and are the perfect all-purpose choice. If you don’t require a portable option, this may be the stroller for you. Traditional strollers come in a variety of models, some which may even grow with your child from newborn to toddler and beyond. Features can vary between models so be sure to pay attention to the ones that best suit your lifestyle. And remember, there are lots of pram and stroller accessories on the market that can make your stroller an even better fit for both you and baby.


Travel System

Travel system strollers are perhaps the most versatile on the list. These strollers are an infant car seat, car seat base, and stroller all in one. While these strollers can be bulky, they are perfect if you are often in and out of the car. They also provide a safe and comfortable ride, allowing you to easily move a sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without any disruption.

Umbrella Strollers

When you need something lightweight and portable, the umbrella stroller is for you. This option is best for children over 6 months who are able to sit up on their own. These strollers are easy to open and close making them perfect for parents on the go. Some models have fully reclining seats or are car seat compatible. Umbrella strollers are ideal for short jaunts around town.


Tandem strollers are ideal for parents with multiple young children. Choosing between a side by side or a tandem depends on what you need. Children of the same weight and height, like twins, can ride in the side by side safely. If there is too much discrepancy in the weight, the stroller will be a little unstable. This type of tandem stroller moves well over curbs, but can be hard to maneuver through doorways. The tandem stroller, where the seats are placed directly in front of one another, is more difficult to steer but will fit through doorways and is much safer when the children are different weights and heights.

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