Sealing Granite Countertops
Granite countertops are stylish to addition to any kitchen. This shiny countertop needs extra care. Otherwise they will fade over time. Many granite sealers are available in the market. But its proper application is not familiar to everyone. We assemble this this article particularly to enlighten you about how to use granite sealer properly.

At first you need to buy the right granite sealer for your countertop. The deeper the sealer goes into the surface the better protection it offers. High quality granite sealer offers stain protection for a very long time.

Process of using granite sealer:

Before applying any sealer, don’t forget to test its absorbency. Using granite sealer is very easy. Just follow some simple steps and you are done. Not to mention, the result is outstanding!

  • When you are about to seal your granite countertop make sure you remove everything from the treatment area.
  • Make sure to clean the treatment surface. Swab the countertop using warm water and mild dishwashing fluid. Let it dry entirely.
  • Gently shake the sealer bottle. Use a clean, dry cloth to apply the sealer. Apply the product properly on the surface. This must create a mirror-like, or bubbling or sparkling appearance.
  • Never let the initial treatment to dry out before you apply the second next round. In case the exterior dries out, rub in more.
  • Noe let the product breach the granite top for at least 10 minutes. Permeable tops might need one more treatment 10 minutes later. Ensure that the place is appropriately ventilated.
  • After 10 minutes rub the stone top carefully using a dry and clean paper towel or else piece of cloth in order to eliminate extra sealer.
  • Allow the countertop to rest for some time. Leave it uninterrupted for six hours.
  • Some sealers needs more time. In that case allow the surface to dry out for 24 hours.
  • As soon as 24 hours carry out the water trial over all crucial parts of the countertop.
Repeat the process whenever you feel the need. High quality sealers offers long-lasting stain resistant features. However, with a low cost sealer, you may need to repeat the steps more often. To avoid that make sure to a buy a best quality sealer, of course within your budget.

Important facts about sealers:

You need to know some tips and facts about granite sealers.

  • Reseal you stone-top  in every 6-12 months
  • In case you put extra sealer on the surface or on wrong parts, rub it as soon as possible. If not, apply extra sealer in order to reboot the set phrase. Afterwards wipe this away carefully.
  • Generally the corners of the stone countertop needs at a minimum of 2 treatments. Take care to cover below sink edges. Seal borders up until no water to engage.
  • Some particular colors may need more than one applications.
  • Some color heightened stones for example resinated sandstone had better be sealed using the similar process.
  • Remember that the sealer may not cause any influence on the appearance of the stonework. This cannot offer a shiny appearance since it enters under the surface also defends the countertop from damage.

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