Granite Countertops

Granite countertop or any other stone countertop needs care. In order to preserve their shiny appearance, you need to put some extra effort on them. Regular maintenance is necessary for these countertops. However, we often don’t understand how often we need to seal them. According to specialists you must not take your stonework for granted! Granite is basically make up of primarily of feldspar, quartz and mica. This is among the toughest materials on ground. Nevertheless over time, pizza, cooking oil, grease as well as other foodstuffs may get inside the countertops then cause permanent stain.

Regularity of sealing granite countertop:

Since granite is usually penetrable inside its absorbent surface, sealers are pretty efficient and simple means to shield them. A number of granite countertop owners seal their countertops in every six months. However stone can certainly not be over impenetrable. The easiest technique the frequency to seal stone countertop is simply by testing it. You may find many conflicting writing about the time to seal your stone top. This is very significant to keep an eye on the state of the granite. A simple test is able to tell you if your countertops require sealing or not.  In order to take the test put a few water drops on your granite countertop. Put water in different parts. Now allow it to be placed for around 30 minutes. In case the water drops has entered the inside and has deepened the stonework, now is the time you need to reseal it.

Numerous granite companies make use of low quality silicone otherwise siloxane-based sealers. They need reseal in each 6 months or else once in a year.

Regular Sealing Advices:

Experts suggest to reseal your granite once in a year. In case you prepare food more often and make use of the countertops every day, you may need to reseal your granite all the more regularly. Over years, experts are suggesting this.

However, very active sealers are found in the market now-a-days. Progressions in Nanotechnology and polymer, made this possible. These sealers are very durable and offered for granite mark protection. They decrease the requirement of resealing countertop every year.

Also, how you take care your stone counter, is able to determine the regularity of resealing. In case you apply chemicals components on the granite, you may require to seal it comparatively more frequently.

Sealing stone or granite countertop is a very easy job. It only needs some steps- spraying on, letting it sit for a while, then wipe it off.   No enhancing, polishing, or any other bizarre applicators are not needed.  This actually needs minutes.

One important note, don’t forget to check the absorbency the granite before using any sealer. Varieties of granite are available. And a number of them get damaged by sealers. When the granite soak up water or else oil quickly, penetrating sealer the best option for it.

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