Granite Sealer

An appropriately sealed stone countertop is safe from damage. Sealing protects your precious granite countertops from the any chance of having blemishes. Resealing your countertop depends on the many factors like the rate of application as well as the type of stone it is made with.

In order to know if your stone countertop needs sealing or not, you should take a quick test. The test can be of lemon drop or water test. Drop a few dips of lemon extract on the exterior. Wait for it to dry out. And observe how much time it needed to soak up completely.  In case the countertop needed one or two minute for entirely soaking up the drop of lemon juice, your stone countertop definitely require resealing.

There are many brands of granite sealers available in the market. With so much available options, people get confused. And sometimes they make the wrong decision. They end up buying the wrong product. This is very challenging for customers to find the best granite sealer for their particular countertop.

Granite sealers are very different from wood sealants and varnish. These sealer not only seal the surface but also amplify a shiny appearance. Actually, granite is a very glossy stone itself when they are polished appropriately. Sealers don’t stay on the upper surface. They enter inside the stone and make resistant to marks from inside. Granite sealer in fact breaches the stone then conceal absorbent cracks.

However, a number of granites, particularly black granites, are very thick. They are stain resistant. Also they are resistant to sealers. Using granite sealer on them is probably not a good idea. Because it will only create a transparent residue all over the surface. It will ruin your precious stone top.

When money is not an issue, you may find many high quality sealer brands. Some offer instructional DVD with. They make excellent product. And you don’t need to worry about how to use it properly. As you get the whole instruction with it.

There are also hydrophobic and oleophobic type of sealers. Hydrophobic type just inhibit water absorption. And oleophobic sealers inhibit water as well as oil immersion.  While buying a stone sealer, hydrophobic type is perfect for bathrooms only. However, with oleophobic sealer you get more options. And this type is a must for your kitchen top. Both of the forms are saturating. Hence they immerse into the granite instead of staying on the outward only. Before buying any stone sealant, make sure to check the absorbance of your countertop.

You can find many sealant brands in market as well as in online. Before getting one, try to read out review and other users’ opinion about them. Stones are indeed absorbent and there is no perfect sealer that continues forever. Make sure to reseal your granite countertop once in a year. Follow the producer’s instruction in order to get the finest outcomes.

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