Flea Bomb

When your residence is pest-ridden with insects, this is not an easy to solve crisis. Rodents, cockroaches, as well as many other bugs is able to infest your house. However, fleas are the worst among them. Fleas are tiny insects which have no wings. They fed on the blood of animals, birds and human as well.


They are fast growing insect. When they attack any place their population grow rapidly. So, when a minor invasion is observed, measures should be taken as early as possible to control their population. If the flea invasion is dreadfully severe, the condition is fairly challenging to get rid of. Good news is many companies come forward to help you out of this crisis.

They are producing many repellents to kill fleas. Flea fogger and bomb are recently been in use to control heavy flea conditions. But, these products are comprise of harmful chemical compounds such as Cypermethrin, Nylar, Permethrin, Methroprene and Tetramethrin. These compounds are very much deadly to humans as well. So, carefulness is needed when using such interventions. This article is about step by step instruction on using flea treatments.

Prepare the area before using Flea Bomb:

  • Thoroughly clean the treatment place before applying fogger.8c632094-6344-41f7-9464-3c37ba264f3f_1.2942f5384780d92e97ef45ea2c53e7a7
  • Clean carefully the tough to reach places like cracks and crevices.
  • Bug generally loves these places as their hide out. Besides, they lay eggs in those dark areas.
  • If required vacuum the place from top to bottom.
  • Make extra effort to clean the floor covering, sofas, draperies as well as beddings.
  • Cover up all your necessary stuffs like cloths and other day to day use things. Carefully wrap them in wrapping layers.
  • Take your indoor plant place fish tank to someplace safe.
  • Wrap out all the kitchen stuffs cautiously. Don’t leave any edible things over the countertop.
  • Expose all the drawers and cupboard.
  • Switch off electricity inside the treatment place.
  • Switch off the pilot light.

Instructions to implement flea treatment:

  • At first read out the directions cautiously. It is written on the fogger can.
  • Measure your house to make decision on the quantity is necessary for the infested area.
  • Shut all the windows and doors.
  • Use a mask to cover your surface. When you are done concealing your face, agitation the fogger canister strongly in order to stir the inside compounds.
  • Open the fogger and discharge the spray.
  • Carefully apply the spray everywhere inside the house. Leave no place unsprayed.
  • Apply the fogger particular to the tough to get areas like cracks, beneath the furniture space, cupboards, dog’s house etc.
  • When the spray can is discharged leave the place.
  • The foggers need 8 hours for effective operation. Go away to somewhere safe.

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