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We pick out twelve of the most common stone cleaners in order to investigate. We tested these Best Granite Sealer for functioning, comfort of employment, sort of stones this was appropriate for, fragrance, mass of product, budget plus consumer assessments. The brands we reviewed underneath beat the charts of everything of these types. Whichever one of them can aid you reservation the attractiveness of your granite exteriors of your house otherwise company.

Brand Granite Gold StoneTech Stone Care Tuff Duck Miracle Sealants
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Name Granite Gold Sealer StoneTech Stone Sealer Stone Care International Tuff Duck Marble Granite Sealer Miracle Sealants 511
Best Use Completely SAFE !!non-toxic and easy to apply. Its famous for multi-use, Not only granite but also best for marble, travertine and other countertops. if you are looking for something more durable that preserves natural look then pick this one The SCI sealer provides high level protection with multipurpose usability If you want maximum surface protection for 3-5 years with maximum coverage then close your eyes and pick this one. This sealer is Weather resistant and fit for both Interior and Exterior. And good for food areas.
  • Weight : 24 Ounces
  • D : 3.75 x 2 x 10.75
  • Color : Gold
  • Weight : 3 pounds
  • D : 5.4 x 3.7 x 2.4”
  • Color : Brown
  • Weight : 2 pounds
  • D : 3 x 1 x 2”
  • Color : Clear
  • Weight : 2.05 pounds
  • D : 4 x 2 x 8”
  • Color : Clear
  • Weight : 7.65 pounds
  • D : 15x9x12”
  • Color : Clear
  • This sealer is Great for granite and all other stone surfaces.
  • Creates strong barrier against any liquid like oil, water, wine and others
  • Very soft to your stone countertop
  • This is the most influential granite sealer and it might be employed for big tasks
  • It will provide best protection against all stains
  • This sealer is extremely polite with your granite that preserve natural look always
  • This is a multipurpose sealer which is capable to be employed at every stone varieties
  • This sealer offers nice odor
  • Provides natural stone surface protection
  • It can offer protection to inner appears for nearly five years as well as on external surfaces it gives 3 years protection
  • This is a Non-Acidic sealer offers coverage for about two hundred square feet
  • This sealer is for Internal and External application
  • It is Climate unaffected
  • This is great for food zones
  • You can get bad smell
  • This is slightly difficult to manage
  • This sealer is slightly costly
  • It is Difficult to apply on big tasks
  • Little expensive
  • Some user complain that they found a different texture
Used For
  • Multipurpose
  • Big Task
  • Multipurpose but small task
  • For big task and professional use
  • Best for big areas
User Rating (4.8 / 5) (4.7 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.9 / 5) (4.7 / 5)
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What Granite Sealers are

This is a something which is utilized to stone tabletop in order to maintain it unpolluted by dirt or remains. Cleaning the stone table top is an extremely significant function of maintaining your stunning tabletops appearing attractive as a new one.

It is of maximum significance while they are firstly set up. Sealing tabletops appropriately inhibits anything like oils and tints from soaking inside the granite then damaging this. Granite sealer is capable to bring about a variance of your stone-tops.

A lot of special kinds of sealers are available at the shopping places. When there are so many varieties exist, this is particularly significant for you to get the information that you are required to select the perfect and best granite sealer for your tabletops. One simplest technique for testing that your stone-tops require re-sealing is by placing some drops of water upon the exterior then wait for a few minutes. In case this captivates by the pebble, this is the point to seal off your stone countertops again.

The appropriate sealers are able to look out of your wrap up necessities. They are stress-free to make use of besides execution fine. This article can help you out with the information that you require to identify the various sorts of sealers plus in what way to select them.

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1. Granite Gold Sealer

This is one of the finest sealers available in the market. In case you decide on to utilize the whole 3 piece cycles. Another 2 mixtures are the Granite Gold Polisher and the Granite Gold Cleaner. Total stone maintenance means dusting, shining, plus sealing. Dust, microbes, fungus, and any other rubbish are removed from stone by cleaning. Polishing put in a defensive covering on your stone-top exterior in addition to offers the stone a shiny appearance. Sealing stone can inhibit hidden marks as well as any other injurious materials from going into your stone. This might possibly break the stone.

1The Sealer from Granite Gold is a watery mixture which is available in a sprayer container. Granite Gold Sealer is very simple to utilize as well as soothing over your stone-top. We also come across the fact that this sealer comes with a sturdy fragrance. This might be a problem for a number of individuals. We as well hit upon that it performs its finest once utilized together with any other Granite Gold merchandises. In case applied barely separate deprived of any other Granite Gold goods, this sealer is not very operational. We ask over a number of specialists who put in and seal stone-tops. All of them said that this Granite Gold Sealer is a perfect selection but you have to employ this together with the polisher and cleaner. Taken as a whole, this is especially reliable manufactured goods. Granite Gold is the best granite sealer in case employed appropriately.


  • This sealer is Great particularly while utilized together with other Granite Gold merchandises
  • This is  a Water supported  and is soft to your stone countertop
  • It comes in spray container so it is very simple to make use of


  • This sealer leaves a strong odor
  • This is not so operational in case employed separately

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2.StoneTech BulletProof Stone Sealer

This sealer is one of the best granite sealers in case you are in search of a durable sealer. This sealer can predominantly be applied on setting up of your stone-top exteriors. The StoneTech Bulletproof Stone Sealer is a water supported mixture. It deals with numerous places as well as delivers improved defense against marks which might go on for many years. This sealer is marketed in a huge container. This sealer actually is intended for a bulky task. This mixture is so kind and soothing to your granite or else marble tabletops. You may use this copiously deprived of the need to be concerned regarding injuring your stone countertop.

Utilization of this sealer is fantastically easy. All you need to do is just dirt-free your countertop first, then add up any kind of polisher or else conditioner. Hang on for some time so that the whole thing is soak up first. Then use the sealer on the stone-top directly from the container. Wait once more for some times so that the sealer can respond and soak up then wipe off the extra fluid. You may then try out in case you get appropriately wrapped the stone countertop through releasing drops of water over your stone counter-top then observing in case this drops up.

Among all the sealers that we have assessed, the StoneTech BulletProof Sealer is the finest sealer while applied separately. It signifies that applying this sealer deprived of applying granite cleanser or else polisher in advance. When carrying out abundant investigations on many other opponents, we come across the fact that the StoneTech is on the peak of its groups. This sealer dries up quicker, and is soothing compared to any other cleaning product. Water drops up on every occasion we used this sealer. And similar result was not observed with certain opponent merchandises.



  • This is the most influential granite sealer and it might be employed for big tasks
  • This sealer is extremely polite with your granite otherwise marble countertop


  • This is slightly difficult to manage
  • It is not comfortable to utilize
  • This sealer is slightly costly

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3. Stone Care International Stone Spray-N-Seal

The Stone Care Stone Spray-N-Seal is a spray can sealer. It applies a particular mixture of polymers in order to stand in holes then prevent oil and stains from entering into it. This is among the best granite sealer in case you would like to make sure a number of everyday touch ups on your stone-tops. This is a watery sealer and pH well-adjusted. The Stone Care sealer cannot cause excessively injury to your granite or marble countertops.


We assessed this sealer comprehensively along with Granite Gold’s sealer. And the result is that they both are alike in functioning. But the Stone Care gets the small border since this odor more pleasing. We come across the fact that Granite Gold performed enhanced over granite and marble. Though, Stone Care worked better on everything. Nevertheless, the dissimilarity of these 2 finest sealers is even now insignificant and this ultimately to individual favorite. Even now the StoneTech Bulletproof Stone Sealer won crown since this is the top-quality artifact plus the finest sealer for preliminary setting up.


  • This is a multipurpose sealer which is capable to be employed at every stone varieties
  • This sealer offers nice odor


  • It is Difficult to apply on big tasks
  • It soak up process is time-consuming compared to any other sealers

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4. Tuff Duck Marble, Grout and Granite Sealer

This sealer is exceptional, more power mark guard meant for permeable ordinary stone as well as grout. It is a pungent sealer that put away the natural surface unchanged. This sealer provides the all-out guard for any type of natural stones. Any particular quart encompasses around two hundred square feet. This is put together using progressive, water-supported fluoropolymers. This is among the best granite sealer that is particularly prepared in order to shield against the difficult oil as well as water centered marks. This is well-matched with any stone like limestone, marble, terrazzo, travertine, granite, slate, sandstone plus any other permeable stone exteriors.



  • It offers all-out shield for any stone type such as Marble, Granite, Slate, Grout, Travertine, Limestone, or even Concrete!
  • It is a powerful sealer that might not involve the natural form of your fragile stone tile
  • This is Two times the effective component as StoneTech in order to guarantee appropriate security with a particular type of covering
  • It can offer protection to inner appears for nearly five years as well as on external surfaces it gives 3 years protection.
  • This is a Non-Acidic formulation that offers coverage for about two hundred square feet

About this product a consumer mentioned that this sealer is very simple and fast to employ. She scraped this on and delayed 15 Minutes then rubbed off the extra. The finest thing regarding this tuff duck is that it comes with no aroma. Rocklinite Labs might send off some emails mentioning guidelines also touched center to confirm that this all worked fine. She was pleased with the sealer and its outcomes.

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5. Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner

This is an “All-In-One” stone protection substance that cleans shines as well as looks after stone 5countertops, with a visible variance. Other mild yet influential active agents realistically separate the connections which grasp grease plus dust and keep them away from the exterior. Similar to a magnetic body, the sealer protects stone surfaces form an intense ionic charged, defensive barricade which might not remove. On every single action, it gradually seals and causes a softer, extra profound exterior which is unaffected to marks. This best granite sealer causes filth, soap scum, firm water marks plus mineral accumulates stress-free to eliminate.



  • This sealer is versatile, it cleans, polish as well as gradually seal every single natural stones such as quartz, granite, marble plus many more
  • This causes colors extra luminous, the exterior softer, extra contemplative plus odors excellent
  • It is a pH unbiased, no insensitive or else rough substances, harmless, eco-friendly, no-wax, no-backlog, no-remainder sealer
  • It can cover more or less 6500 square feet, so employed by business experts and
  • This sealer is fabricated in the USA!
  • It can persuade the eventually soft, no-streak polish on every single usage!

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6. Miracle Sealants 511 QT SG 511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealer


  • This sealer is for Internal and External application
  • It is Climate unaffected
  • This is great for food zones
  • It is U.V. Translucent
  • This sealer is capable to cover around 1000 to 4000 square feet each gallon and 90 to 364 square meters each 3.785 liters


This sealer provides Contentment warranted for about 2 twenty years starting from the day it was brought from the actual dealer. Get in touch with the Miracle Sealants Corporation for merchandise substitute if you are not wholly pleased with the execution of this sealer. Some conditions are applicable here such as utilization as per mentioned. You can get repayment of the buying charge on giving back the fresh part with the original dated proof of payment.

Keeping out:

  1. Substitute charges for labor in addition to connection materials for example tile, original stone, sealant, background things, below ground heating, electrical, sanitation plus many other charges related to the installation.
  2. Poor setting up.
  3. Inappropriate employment of upkeep plus domestic stuffs.
  4. Any element that can be predictable to cause harm to the artifact comprising, however not restricted to: misuse, carelessness, dropping substances, fire, volcanic activity, cyclone or else any other natural calamity, revealing to severe heat otherwise accident.
  5. Business-related application that forms store, office before any other spot of business.
  6. Open-air application.
  7. Differences among ground and in shape; tile or stone.
  8. Normal differences from pattern or color sections otherwise photographs.
  1. Normal deterioration.
  2. Sealant associated problems counting however not restricted to mark, color change, staining, cracking, writing, fungus or else mold.
  3. Any type of color or else shade differences, various patterns, holes, depths, enclosures, veining, thickness as well as any component characteristic of original stone plus tile exteriors. The real buyers have to inform Miracle Sealants Corporation about the flaw in script by one month of finding. Original Buyer is obliged to provide unexploited product plus the real buying voucher. Not a success to provide certification makes warranty worthless and canceled in its whole. Not any assertion might be privileged if not Miracle Sealants Corporation is offered a chance to check the supposedly imperfect manufactured goods. Failure to provide merchandise for examination causes the warranty worthless as well as invalid within its total.

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Do you need to seal your stone countertop ?

Maximum stones are sufficiently compact and they don’t require being sealed. Granite and marble have a tendency to be extra absorbent as well as they involve extra maintenance. Still inside the various sorts of granite, you might discover that maximum of them require certain sealing task. However certain stones similar to the black stones are deprived of the necessity of any kind of sealing. Also, you had better yet been employing the best granite sealer.

The finest technique to know in case you require sealing your stone countertop is by taking a water drip examination and monitors:

  • Set down a descent of water over your stone countertop
  • In case the drip blackens rapidly, this signifies that you need minor to no sealing material or else your stone is tremendously absorbent. You certainly require sealing your granite or other stone-top through manifold coverings and often using the best sealer.
  • Just in case the drop of water blackens within roughly 5 minutes, this signifies that your stone-top is fairly permeable otherwise you even now get some sealing material missing. You yet require wrapping up your stone. But you are only able to use a single coating and you may make sure of this less frequently. You ought to yet employ the finest sealer in such event.
  • When the drip requires an extended period to be dark otherwise does not blacken at all, this denotes that you need a tremendously thick stone or else by now get sufficient sealing material.

One more examination that you might undertake is the lemon juice or oil experiment.

  • Put a few drops of lemon juice otherwise oil upon your stone countertop
  • In case the drip blackens fast, it signifies that the granite is actual permeable and must not be applied at the galley area where you are about to mark this through lubricant as well as acids used from food preparation. This might similarly signifies that your previous sealing task was not good enough otherwise you did not apply the best granite sealer.
  • When the lemon juice involves a lengthy while to get darkened, you need a sealer
  • Clear-out the lemon juice then notice the stain in relation to its settings. When this appears cloudy otherwise when there is more effervescent than the remainder of the stone, this comprises calcite. This had better not be applied in the kitchen zone.

Application Method of Granite Sealer

You ought to preferably be closing your stone-tops plus floorboards yearly using sealer. However it actually counts on the variety of stone as well as its absorbency. The extremely vital function of wrap up your granite or else marble or any other stone countertop is confirming that this is unblemished fresh first.

The reason of scrubbing granite countertop prior to sealing is somewhat understandable. You might not desire dust, rubbish, as well as stains upon the exterior.

Wrap up granite or else sandstone is somewhat simple. First wash the part clean using granite cleaner. Then use the finest sealer, and after that make this tidy using a dry cloth. You would like to confirm that the fabric is a light-colored one in order to inhibit color from transporting.


Granite Sealer Types

Two classes of sealers found in order to aid look after your stone made exteriors. They are:  penetrating plus topical. Each one of them is one or the other oil centered otherwise water centered. The oil-centered varieties come with a sturdy scent and this is not probably liked by a lot of users. Because of this cause not ever apply them at any blockaded zone.

Water centered varieties never leaves a sturdy aroma as well as they never necessitate the stone exteriors being soak up prior to utilization.  Each form is as well able to be employed over several different kinds of stone and granite exteriors counting marble, onyx, concrete pavers, sandstone, travertine quarry tile, , porcelain tile, brick, clay tile and many more.

Categories of Granite Sealers

A lot of sorts of sealers existing which are for guarding significant stone exteriors. We have registered them underneath with features of every single category.  These varieties are capable to assist you in realizing the variation among them. This signifies that you will get a stress-free while to pick out the right one which is going to perform the finest for your particular requirements.

  • Penetrating Sealers – It is a form of sealer that executes precisely what its name suggests. This best granite sealer pierces the external. And this allows the appearance of the stone countertop entirely unaffected. This sealer cannot develop a layer. This flows inside the stone. It denotes this might certainly not fragment or else peel.  It would not alter the coefficient of friction afterward this is employed.  Dual stages of coverage are offered by this sealer. They are:
    1. Regular – Standard piercing sealers gives shelter against marks. Those marks which might be triggered by filth, juices as well as any other debris. They might not be an effective idea to apply them on an industrial food facility zone or else domestic kitchenette. It is because of the reason that these types of sealers cannot typically guard from oil-centered impurities in any way. These sealers are comparatively inexpensive than the extraordinary functioning premium sealers.
    2. Premium – This category of piercing sealers provide the consumer extraordinary execution and shelter against oil supported pollutants as well as water centered ones. This type is the flawless sealer for domestic and industrial kitchens application as well as food facility zones.  These sealers are extra costly however they deliver very much extra as well.
  • Attractive Sealers – This sealer improves as well as dig out the original shades of the stone. It causes the stone surface appear extra lively deprived of creating a polish on the stone. A number of the attractive sealers found on the marketplace are premium type sealers. It denotes that they guard stone surfaces against oil-supported pollutants together with the standard water-centered.
  • Tropical Covering – These manufactured goods delivers stone exteriors a high-polish exterior or else occasionally a soft shine.  These are also known as sacrificial coverings for the reason that they do fade on recurrent application. They might require being re-utilized more frequently compared to a piercing or else enhancing sealer might.  This requires over and above one treatment to correctly guard a stone exterior using a topical covering.

Re-Utilizing Granite Sealers

Four special variables have their part on governing how frequently you need to reutilize sealer. These factors are:

  1. The excellence and variety of sealer being make use of
  2. How fine the cleaner was put on the opening time
  3. The absorption frequency of the stony external meaning exactly how permeable or else solid this is
  4. What stuffs have been utilized to scrub the tabletops (Keep in mind not to apply ordinary domestic cleaners since these are excessively abrasive plus might destroy the sealer)

We have tested the various kinds of stones and granites as well as how frequently they might generally call for re-sealed.

  • Bright shaded granite plus un-furbished stone for instance particular varieties of limestone, travertine, onyx as well as marble might require to be wrapped almost each 1 to 3 years.
  • Dark shaded granite for instance browns, greens, blacks plus blues are capable be sealed each 3 to 5 years. Occasionally these do not require re-sealing the least bit. This might be dependent on the stone countertop plus the sealing material. Never overlook to test out the sealer at a tiny area that is out of sight.

Certain best granite sealers are advantageous compared to others. They are capable to maintain the stone exteriors secured for so long as 10 to 15 years, win case these are handled appropriately.  One more feature that should be considered is the permeability of the stony exterior.  The sealers which get into the stone countertop might split up with the passage of time. This is very much inexpensive to re-wrap the stone instead of make an effort to do up the granite or else get rid of marks from absence of correct maintenance.

The easiest technique to actually distinguish at what time to reseal is by applying the water examination stated earlier. This easy assessment informs you everything that you must be acquainted.

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