Flea fogger is a spray can that releases vapor containing insect killer. This is used in order to dispense with a flea invasion. These are as well called flea bombs. This is a tiny spray can which takes in pesticide. Fleas are similar to any other bugs. They as well feature a strong shell. This shell is known as an exoskeleton. In case you require destroying these bugs, at that point you primarily need to terminate their shell. The best Flea Foggers are every so often utilized by users in place of a comparatively expensive substitute of specialized insect management services. The amount of foggers that is required for insect management is subject to on the magnitude of the area that needs the treatment. Its fog might comprise combustible gases. This may cause a hazard of blast in case a fogger is applied within a place that has a pilot light or else any other exposed flash.

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Precor Plus IGF Fogger Hot Shot No Mess Fogger Siphotrol Plus Fogger Zodiac Fogger Raid Flea Fogger
This is a Water-based fogger.

It is a no-odor preparation that might not mark or else give an unappealing remainder.

Can cover a huge area

This fogger destroys insect on contact plus handles severe incursions

This fogger does not require turning off pilot lights


This is a rapid-acting procedure that comes with a 100 per cent blow out frequency of mature bugs within 10 minutes

A single canister is able to manage around 2,000 square feet area

This manages flea invasions inside the home

It can destroy fully-grown fleas upon contact.

This can destroy many other bugs

It leaves no mark.

This is a dry fogger and leaves no messy remains

It is a profound spread fogger

6 x 2 x 1.9″ 7 x 3 x 6 “ 6.5 x 2.2 x 5.8 “ 4.2 x 3.1 x 9.1″ 2.6 x 2.6 x 9.5″
SW- 6 pounds SW- 10.6 ounces SW- 2 pounds SW- 1.1 pounds SW – 1.2 pounds
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Five chemical compounds are typically accountable for managing any flea epidemic. They are Methroprene, Nylar, Cypermethrin, Permethrin and Tetramethrin. Contingent to type, your fogger might comprise any of those effective components. Ever since they are capable to be possibly hazardous for domesticated animal, confirm that you they are out the location when fogging.

Certain essential oils such as citrus oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, plus any other analogous oil is able to destroy these pests. They are furthermore capable to resist them along with their stink. However, these oils are not actually much useful. Clove oil is the highest efficient among these as it contains the active element eugenol.

There are a lot of insect foggers are available from different brands. You need to know about them before you make a purchase. In this writing, we tried to enlighten you about some flea fogger brands, their benefits, drawbacks and what other people (who used them) think about them.

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1. Precor Plus IGF Fogger

This is among the best flea fogger and very simple to utilize. This is capable of rapidly destroying the grown-up fleas. It inhibits larvae fromBest flea fogger emerging to grown-ups. It halts the flea sequence. This fogger never leaves any persistent odor or else any stain. A single 3 ounce container is able to cover 375 square feet area and continues for long 7 months. It instantly destroys mature fleas. Its particles enter into the difficult to get areas

In case you own a big house, at that point this is an appropriate selection for you. You are able to apply six canisters within various places such as garage, basement and more.

It comprises pest growing regulators that inhibit re-invasion for around seven months. This is a water-based plus fragrance-free preparation. It will not stain as well as never depart any kind of remains. Its element rapidly blows down mature fleas.

This is not so expensive. However, it efficiently removes fleas from your living place.


  • Tis fogger is perfect for large-space flea management. A single can is able to handle around 750 square feet.
  • This fogger comprises Precor IGR or methoprene in order to inhibit flea re-invasions for about seven months. It also contains Permethrin for rapid reduction of mature fleas.


  • No-odor, water based fogger
  • Leaves no residues or smell
  • Effective for adult flea as well


  • None is reported yet.


A family who survived a terrible flea outburst said this product is all that they needed. This fogger appeared in an appropriate manner. They just applied two cans for 1500 square feet house. The outcome was outstanding. This is a blessing for them.

Some consumers said this fogger is particularly intended to destroy fleas. Ticks are so irrepressible. They tested many other foggers. Not a single one of these worked well for them. Then they discovered Precor is a fogger brand that is suggested by insect control specialists. Thus they determined to buy this product. It worked! They are very happy with its functions.

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2. Hot Shot No Mess Fogger

In case you’re in search of an insect fogger that will not depart a huge untidiness, this is the appropriate one for you. When you buy this you may obtain three canisters of 1.2 oz. each. By means of a single can, you are able to cover around 2,000 cubic feet. Hot Shot destroys flea as soon as they get a contact with this. Through this, you are even able to regulate any heavy invasion. This is a dry-fog preparation that avoids staining. It departs the least mess. Furthermore aids in defusing the smells. Therefore, you may not sense any remaining odor behind. In addition there might not be any kind of oily remains. As this is dry fog procedure, this is among the harmless plus finest fogger available is any storehouse.

Best flea fogger

It generates a tremendously well and dry diffusing fog. This remains airborne in addition to spreads deep inside cracks, crevices plus machines. This fogger is intended to wash out plus destroy concealed insects on contact. This fogger is prepared to destroy carpenter ants, crickets, earwigs, black carpet insects, brown dog ticks, firebrats, fleas, houseflies, palmetto germs plus many other microbes. It features aroma neutralizer which is meant for utilizing at surrounded places, for example basements, barns, boat cabins, rooms, attics, campers, crawl places in addition to garages. This fogger does not stain. This is appropriate for hot summer days which cause a greater quantity of insects than every day. This fogger may maintain your house, workplace plus any other places liberated from insects.


  • It is a profound grabbing formula that is intended to stretch to concealed roaches, fleas, and many other bugs
  • This is a dry-fog preparation which withstands staining
  • This fogger pass on less untidiness and assistances in offsetting stinks
  • A single canister is able to treat around 2,000 cu. Feet.
  • It uses  a deeper stretching dry fog know-how
  • It is Non-staining
  • This is capable to destroy concealed bugs
  • This is capable to manage a passable space of 2,000 cu. ft.


  • Kills other bugs than only fleas like cockroaches, gnats, mosquitoes, black carpet beetles, carpenter ants, brown dog ticks, rice weevils, spiders, and palmetto.
  • Doesn’t depart any scent
  • Never leave any kind of mess


  • Contains Dangerous Chemicals and while captivated by skin or else breathe in causes health hazards.


One user said that he has been applying this fogger for above 3 years now. This is able to cover more than 2,000 sq. ft. area.  He employed a single canister of his whole house and basement. This performed pretty well. He I used other brand of foggers. Those never really worked well for him.  This is the best flea fogger that he ever used.

Another consumer sated that she applied this fogger on a spider infected space. She applied over and above the required quantity then departs the place for more than twenty four hours. While she returned she found the lot dead all over the place. This departs not any remainder. It comes with an acute infringement on vents, sockets, carpet boundaries. This fogger persists for around six months. However she utilized this every year. This is harmless for pilot light.

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3. Siphotrol Plus Flea Fogger

This fogger allows you to block up the whole room when you left to destroy fully developed fleas, producing flea eggs as well as ticks. This offers around 30 weeks guard through inhibiting eggs growing to piercing fleas. This destroys mature fleas plus emerging flea eggs. It also kills many other insects.Best flea fogger


  • This fogger departs not any lasting scent, not any marks or any kind of sticky disorder
  • This is a water based spray and very simple to employ
  • It features an innovative carpet penetrating procedure and it doesn’t set aside fleas any space to go into hiding
  • It destroys grown-up fleas as well as ticks
  • This fogger ends hatching eggs plus bugs from growing into fully-grown ticks for 30 weeks
  • It inhibits flea invasion as well as bug accumulation for 30 weeks


  • Offers a 30 week guard by stopping emerging of bug eggs
  • Able to get through a passable space of 6,000 cu. Ft.


  • This might be injurious in case swallowed, breathe in, or else absorbed by skin


A purchaser said that she adores it. The moment everything else stop working this things fixes that efficiently. She bought this from online. This is an outstanding fogger. It comes within a reasonable expense. According to her this is a Brilliant manufactured good!

Another user stated that this fogger functioned outstanding for her. She purchased this one and the sprayed all over her place. This gave a fantastic result. She is very pleased using it.

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4. Zodiac Fogger

Similar to any other fogger, this one perform better while the place is prepared prior to application. In case you faced any flea invasion, this might be essential to vacuum comprehensively prior to application. A single canister is able to cover 6000 cu. feet space. It never departs any unpleasant scent or mark. In case a negligible amount of remains is departed at your house or else over your floorboards. This might be scrubbed up using a soaked cloth or else mop. Other than of destroying fleas it similarly able to destroy mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, ants, spiders, in addition to silverfish.4

It is extremely suggested by veterinarians plus pest control specialists. This is suggested for application within the residence or any other place of flea invasion. It is very reasonable. This fogger is obtainable from any pet care plus home step-up storehouses, besides online. It inhibits insect re-invasion for around seven months. The functional constituents of this formula are permethrin plus (S)-methroprene. One canister may cover about 1,125 sq. ft. area. This never cast off any kind of persistent odors or else mess. It can kill equally grown-ups plus hatching eggs. As a result you may require less treatment in order to handle the difficulty.


  • It possesses regulation for around seven months
  • This thing can cover nearly 1,125 sq. ft. area
  • It can similarly destroy cockroaches, ants, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, as well as silverfish
  • This fogger depart not any lasting scent otherwise sticky mess


  • This can inhibit flea re-invasion for practically seven months
  • This is capable for applying in managing an unbarred space of 1,125 sq. ft.


  • This contains harmful pesticides that might be injurious to health when swallowed, breathe in, otherwise absorbed by skin


A consumer of this product who faced terrible flea trouble said that this is a blessing. She applied this at every single room.  She is very impressed with its efficiency. This fogger left no stink. in addition unexpectedly left not any remainder like some others foggers.

Another user who tried a lot of different foggers in order to get rid of flea for a long time reviewed this fogger. He said that it is the single fogger which reliably offered him the finest consequences at flea plus bug management. This fogger destroys fleas plus other bug like ants, fruit flies, spiders, and many more.

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5. Raid Flea Fogger

Raid is an eco-friendly fogger. This is one of the best flea fogger as it never employ CFCs. CFCs are very injurious to the environment. This comes with an actual rapid killing capacity. As a result you are able to fix this off when you come to the storehouse. This does not just destroy fleas; it also regulates fleas for about four months. In case you look for an excellent, harmless, and long term insect fogger, Raid is the right one for you. It can treat a whole room through our all-pervading bug-killing fog. This spreads deep on hard-to-get spaces like cracks or crevices.5


  • This is able to destroy ants, roaches as well as spiders
  • It stabs upon cracks and gaps in order to destroy insects someplace they breathing plus multiply
  • This fogger hang onto destroying insects for up about two months


  • Destroy a wide variety of insects.
  • Maintains destroying insects for around two months
  • Non-staining
  • Leaves no messy residue or mark
  • Concentrated formula


  • The single shortcoming of this product is that this is incapable in destroying eggs.


A user of this fogger mentioned that he was highly impressed with this fogger. He has been many foggers but none of them really worked well for him. Then he came across this one. This is most outstanding one that he ever used. It killed flea and other insects too. It left no mark or bad odor. This is the finest fogger.

Another one said this is very simple to follow its advices and easy to use. Moreover, this has a reasonable price. He is very impressed with its efficiency.

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6. Ultracide Professional Flea and Tick Fogger

This is an extremely applicable plus best flea fogger. This comprises three dissimilar active components such as: Phenothrin, Permethrin, and Pyripoxyfen. Ultracide is an extremely operative insect control spray. It causes instant destroy of fully-grown insects. This fogger inhibits the development of additional grown-ups from eggs otherwise larvae. It dries rapidly plus able to remove insect trouble for about seven months.6


  • This is a handy and ready-to-use preparation
  • It contains adulticide plus insect progress regulator simultaneously.
  • Not any extra gear is required to determine or else spread over this fogger
  • This fogger carry on inhibiting insect re-invasion for around 7 months
  • Less stink


  • proficient to inhibit flea re-invasion for practically 7 months
  • Able to cover 2,625 square feet area
  • Never depart any kind of horrible odor or else oily remainder


  • It comprise Injurious Chemicals and they can be a treat to health while breathe in otherwise absorbed by skin


A customer said in case you face any kind of insect trouble, use this product. He had a sever flea problem. Then he applied the Ultracide all over his house as well as the garage. There were no fleas of any kind. This fogger is the same one that the pest managing company employed at his house some years ago. He highly recommended this product.

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Tips for using Foggers

People have been using fogger for years in order to successfully manage fleas at their homes all over the world. Even applying the best flea fogger may cause harm to your family plus pets because of the chemical residue. This stays once applied. Foggers ought to be utilized only at severe situations for example an immense flea invasion.

Appropriately, foggers never really spread completely every space somewhere fleas might be hiding. Though this could be a thing of a whole flea elimination way out, not ever overlook the point that your domesticated animal yet should be remedied individually. Some guidelines must be obeyed cautiously in order to prevent problems.

Ever since these things basically shower a flea toxin here and there your household, certain things about them need to know. They might cause health problems. In order to prevent any kind of possible difficulties, the following things need to be followed:

  1. Firstly, foggers should not be applied at your domestic animal. This may set off ill health otherwise death in case they are out to the sprays.
  1. Confirm that the foggers enter every single place where fleas might go into hiding.
  2. Cover up foodstuffs and any other edible products, plus aquariums in case you own any. You might cover up clothes as well; however, this is not totally awful.
  1. Electrical devices plus lights must be switched off or protected. Foggers are generally very much combustible! Any gas start arrangements must as well be switches off. this might create a possible fire risk.
  2. Think twice of utilizing foggers. In case somebody of your family suffers from asthma trouble, this at times may source an attack.
  3. Not ever even accidentally breathe in the gas from fogger. This is full of insect repellent which exterminate fleas. In case you get any kind of bad indications, for all time ask any medical physician instantly.
  4. Confirm that foodstuffs as well as any other edibles (such as fruits, chips, chocolates etc.) are sited inside a closet or else removed from the residence.
  5. Ensure that domestic animal and family members are not present inside the house for as a minimum several hours this is used. This precaution is taken in order to make certain that you never cause any hazard to anybody’s health.
  6. Keep in mind that the toxin is simply able to exterminate fish. As a result verify that you shield their container appropriately before starting clouding.
  7. Save your face from the can while using this. Foggers generally send out the gas in the air (vertically). Significant injury might be caused in case it clashes you over your facial area.
  8. Under no circumstances employ this within shut closets or else store them within any sealed off places.
  9. Animals are tremendously subtle to the poisons of the foggers. Please be careful using them when you have any pets. Otherwise it might cause severe damage to them.



Foggers are among the finest methods of managing average to huge covering infestations. They are above all designed for interior efficiency. Foggers might be applied at garage area, upper floor, plus any area of the household. They are used in order to chuck out parasites, ticks, plus any other pests. Maximum of the foggers are able to destroy various types of pests or else any other insects. Certain foggers are experts in destroying of larvae as well as eggs.

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